Birthday Deal

Book 1 of the Adison & Erica Series

When Eric meets Adison online, they really hit it off. He's a mild-mannered guy working in a tech company, and while you wouldn't say he was overly masculine, the only thing that was feminine at all about him was his shoulder-length hair. Adison is a powerhouse of fun and femininity and brings new adventures to Eric's somewhat predictable life. But she has a very specific type in mind, and she's going to change him to fit her ideals. As early as their first date she starts to change his style, little does he know that she has plans to feminize him and turn him into the girlfriend she always wanted.

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Party Girl

Book 2 of the Adison & Erica Series

Eric’s still reeling from hitting the club, and is confused by how he felt. The night unlocked parts of his brain that he didn’t even know were in there.

Adison is enjoying her new relationship with Eric, and hoping to encourage Erica to come out again, while helping Eric to start to try and figure out what he’s feeling. A Photoshoot turns into an opportunity for Adison to help bring Eric further along in his journey into womanhood, but is that what Eric wants?

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Halloween Dare

Book 3 of the Adison & Erica Series

Released Oct 31st 2019.

Adison's favorite holiday is coming up - Halloween. She convinces Eric to dress up not just once, but three times, in three different feminine costumes.
Eric's adventures as Erica continue, bringing him closer and closer to having to tell his office about the changes Adison is influencing in him.

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Friends & Benefits

Book 4 of the Adison & Erica Series

Released Jan 10th 2020.

Adison & Ericas' worlds expand when they meet an old friend at one of their Halloween parties who nearly begs to be transformed as Adison had transformed Erica into a beautiful woman. It will mean new adventures as the three of them explore the world of being feminine together.

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Kaylee Colburn, Author

Kaylee isn't your average girl, but what girl is? Like some of the characters she writes, she is a ultra-girly Tom-boy, who grew up in New England watching too many romantic comedies. fiction writing has been a hobby since she was in high school, but only recently has she felt like her writing was ready to be published.

Her new series starring Adison and Erica has taken off, and fed her desire to continue writing more on gender and the spectrum and experiences from Man to Woman.

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